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Sound and Video performance never should be restricted, and quite often it is. 

The common denominator often overlooked to drive maximum performance is Power, and it begins within the infrastructure of your home - this is the power into and out of your home's circuits leading to your system that must not only be safe, but also capable of supplying consistent quality current - this sets THE POWER FOUNDATION.

Individuals, Consultants or Top Tier Designers can directly choose Audio-Ultra to maintain or expand THE POWER FOUNDATION to showcase a systems driving force at any scale of Performance and Luxury. 

THE POWER FOUNDATION is further enhanced with our select choices of premium audio grade cables, power products, plus high-end digital and analog source components that can be bundled within our Ultra Series Performance Package offering further value. 

Take a moment to consider the fundamentals of power and safety when it comes time to making changes in audio or video. The results of safety, performance and the equipments lifespan will surely earn the “appreciation factor” in your decision.

Our Services

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Home installation of "behind the wall" infrastructure and power upgrades 

Power Products

Power and cable products to existing components for “in front of wall” performance


High end source components

Realize The Impact, Audio-ultra!

“It's not your system that is coming up short, it's the need to improve your power foundation.”

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