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Welcome to Audio-Ultra, the home of the complete Power Foundation!

It’s no myth the power foundation sets the tone of your system. 

Diehard Audiophiles and Industry Experts have learned electrical power will have a significant impact on sound quality and we agree 100%. Building on this notion, Audio-Ultra has undergone a stem-to-stern, two-pronged approach to help Audiophiles build a power foundation in the most cost effective and simplistic approach;

Divide "the power foundation” into two important areas; “in front of the wall” and “behind the wall”

You deserve to hear more, and it begins with a commitment towards constructing a solid power foundation. Our services and component packages are designed to work together on "both sides of the wall” encompassing the electrical panels and complimenting components, power cables and conditioners.

Our Services

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Home installation of "behind the wall" infrastructure and power upgrades 

Power Products

Power and cable products to existing components for “in front of wall” performance


High end source components

“It's not your system that is coming up short, it's the need to improve your power foundation.”