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Dohmann Audio - Turntable with excellent sound performance

Audio-Ultra offers a carefully curated collection of the finest stereo components and power enhancements available worldwide.

Whether you are a seasoned music lover or a first-time enthusiast, we listen carefully to what’s important to you as you play your favorite music on vinyl, silver disc, file, or stream. Together we find the right combination of top-quality speakers, amplifiers, source components, cables, power products, and accessories that deliver the two-channel sound you desire.


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Our experienced team can assemble and fine tune your home system on-site. We specialize in electrical studies that ensure that your components receive the ultimate power necessary to produce all the dynamics, color, and realism that money can buy.


Hear Every Note.

We believe that every bit of music on a recording exists because artists and engineers want you to savor it. That’s why we specialize in audio equipment and power products that can deliver everything that the finest microphones can capture.

If you only care about the broad outlines of a symphony or jazz combo, a tabletop radio may suffice. But if you want to hear all that your favorite singer, sax player, or drummer hopes you’ll hear, our equipment and expertise can bring you every subtle shading and dynamic shift that distinguishes the really good from the certifiably great.

Not only do our highly regarded components work well together, but they are manufactured by companies prized for their excellent customer support. Our strong relationships with manufacturers provide us with the technical know-how to enhance your listening experience to the fullest. Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading your system, we have the expertise to help guide the way.

Power is important. Magic happens when pure power courses through stellar components. Only with pure, clean power can your components deliver every iota of satisfying sound. We combine our expertise in system design and electrical engineering to create power infrastructure solutions that bring out the best sonic attributes of your equipment.

We have customers throughout the United States and beyond. While our showrooms are in the greater Seattle area, our electrical engineers, master electricians, and factory-trained installers are committed to helping you receive the most from your system, regardless of location.

High End Audio Equipment in the greater Seattle area
Stereo equipment including amplifiers and audio cables

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