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stromtank s1000

Hear Every Note.

We’re the experts on creating extraordinary listening experiences, from world-class components to power infrastructure solutions.

The products we offer are highly regarded, whether they stand alone or integrate into a complete system. Not only do our products work well together, but they are well-supported by the brands they represent. Our strong relationships with our manufacturers provide benefits like technical training, product support, and implementation expertise that ultimately enhance your listening experience.

While selection of speakers and components is paramount, a system is not complete without considering the significance of power. Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading a complete system, we combine our expertise in system design and electrical engineering to create a power infrastructure solution that will bring out the best sonic attributes from your equipment.

Audio-Ultra’s sound rooms demonstrate our commitment to high-quality products and the magic that happens when power is paired with audio. While our showrooms are located in the Pacific Northwest, we support customers all around the country with our nationally-distributed team of audio enthusiasts. We are electrical engineers, master electricians, and factory-trained installers that are committed to helping you achieve the best in audio system playback, no matter where you are located.

"A lower noise floor contributes to an immersive listening experience when details within passages start to emerge from recordings like never before."

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