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We started as audiophiles from various backgrounds, but realized power was the fundamental driving the quality of playback whether analog or digital. After much tinkering within the mains panel and all associated, we discovered true sound begins with real power and agreed to turn our passion into our career and set out to create Audio Ultra. 

The GOAL of the company is to help the Audiophile achieve a fuller richer sound in high fidelity playback by spending less and hearing more. The MISSION of the company is to enhance the listeners experience by unleashing power in its purest form to achieve sonic bliss. Our VALUE PROPOSITION is the Audiophile will spend less by investing in a proper power foundation and hear more from their system.

Our home and distribution center is based in the Greater Seattle area, our reach extends throughout most parts of the United States. We work with a like minded team of installers, craftsmen and technicians. And the brands we represent are selections of quality and value. 

We are confident we can achieve higher levels of listening pleasure whether you are an analog or digital junkie by employing our passion, skills and experience to save you time, expense and hassle! 

stromtank s1000

Realize The Impact, Audio-ultra!

"Unleash your system's potential by optimizing your power foundation."

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