Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is a go-to for any serious touring band. The city is known for its rabid musical fanbase and incredible concert venues, with festivals like the Salt City Sounds Concert Series and Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series to look forward to each year.

But what about when the concert is over and the band has packed up? Do you have trouble achieving the perfect sound fidelity and high quality needed to truly recreate the concert experience? Home sound quality doesn’t have to be second rate, especially when you’re used to the best Salt Lake City has to offer.

Enter Audio-Ultra. As music lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of high-quality sound and proper home audio components. But we also understand the difficulties homeowners face when trying to shop for those components or clearing the way for clean power for audio, not to mention the potential costs. That’s why we have made it the goal of our company to provide richer sound in higher fidelity playback by spending less and hearing more. Our mission is to enhance the listener experience by unleashing power in its purest form to achieve sonic bliss, without breaking the bank. Our team of technicians, installers, and audiocrafters will examine your current setup to find any issues and address them.

Often, the issue isn’t in the specific tools you purchase, but in the power foundation of the building itself. With Audio-Ultra’s customizable Ultra Series Performance Package , our team of experts will come to evaluate your current audio setup and the building’s electrical wiring to determine how it can be improved for better quality sound. We use only the best in new and refurbished audio equipment for set-up to your specifications.   

Interested in learning more? Read up on how a power foundation affects your audio on our blog and request more information about our services here. Contact us online or over the phone to discuss your power foundation options and how to get the cleanest, crisp audio you crave. You can also reach out to us over social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or email us directly here.  

Our Utah state service areas include West Bountiful, Centerville, Farmington, Draper, Woods Cross, and more.  

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