Seattle, Washington

Good, clean audio. It’s the dream of every audiophile, especially those living in and around Seattle, known for being of the most musical cities in the United States. Audiophiles can spend thousands on speaker and audio equipment only to hook it up at home and find hardly any improvement to their home sound quality. It’s a problem that perplexes the best of us, leaving even the most musically inclined confused as to how to improve the audio quality. Is it the cables? Do your sound components need replacing? 

The truth may lay in the foundation of your home. The best, most powerful tools to improve audio and home sound quality lay in building the best power foundation you can. What is a power foundation, you ask? That is where Audio-Ultra comes in.

The company Audio-Ultra started as audiophiles like our customers. We have a drive to achieve a fuller richer sound in high fidelity playback by having our customers spend less to hear more.  The goal of our company is to help the Audiophile achieve a fuller, richer sound in high fidelity playback by spending less and hearing more while enhancing the listener’s experience.

From our behind the wall and front of the wall power products to our high-end source components and acoustics and cabling isolation techniques, Audio-Ultra is Seattle, Washington’s premiere audio infrastructure upgrader. We work with our clients to design the best behind-the-scenes foundation for clean power for audio and the most aesthetically pleasing front-end configuration for display.

Contact us online or over the phone to discuss your power foundation options and how to get the cleanest, crisp audio you crave. You can also reach out to us over social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or email us directly here.  

Our Washington state service areas include the greater Sumner and Seattle areas.

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