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3 Reasons Why You Need Organized Cables

Published June 29th, 2021 by Audio-Ultra

For a good sound system, organization is key.

It's not for the sake of cleanliness either. Setting up your sound system is already a task in and of itself, but the responsibility of making it efficient is crucial too.

But amidst strict schedules and timeline-related commotion, keeping things tidy might get pushed back on the list of priorities.

Nonetheless, it's still important. And while this might seem like an extra responsibility, using the right tools can make the entire job easier.

One of these tools is a cable organizer. So if you'd like to learn more, keep reading. We'll tell you three reasons why you need a cable organizer.

1. Maintain the Ambience

We get it — you want the look of a high-tech home without looking like a factory. That's exactly what cable organizers exist. Not only do they let homeowners keep track of their wires, but they also tuck away messes that would otherwise ruin the design of their living rooms.

This matters especially for homes with a huge emphasis on their home entertainment system. It's easy for entertainment systems' wiring to get out of hand, but a couple of cable organizers clip back any cables, letting guests enjoy the space without distraction.

For homes with multiple appliances cornered in one area, cable organizers can let lamps and speakers offer crucial illumination and sound without littering the floor with wires. So if you're interested in maintaining your home's atmosphere with flashy entertainment, then pick up a few cables next time you're in a store.

2. Eliminate Tripping/Fire Hazards

Households with young children, elderly adults, and/or those with conditions like osteoporosis suffer graver consequences if they trip. But anyone can put themselves in danger by tripping/falling the right way, which is why cable organizers also double as safety measures.

When people are done charging their phones, it's natural to simply let it go and move on. Most people don't worry about where it is after that or whether it's in anybody else's way. From this point, the wire can travel far enough to get stuck in doorways, couches, etc — causing a potential tripping or fire hazard.

3. Prevent Wire Damage

The more contained your wiring is, the safer it is from external damage. Without cable organizers, you wouldn't be able to organize cabling in a way that'd keep them safe.

These silicone pockets maintain safe wiring by protecting the receptacle from budging. Otherwise, budging could strain the metal wiring inside the cables. This could weaken the metal, which disrupts the connectivity usually facilitated by your wire.

Faulty wiring can even provoke electrical fires, making wire damage even less ideal for your health and your property. For those invested in organization, safety, and low-maintenance, cable organizers are vital.

Tidy Up With a Good Cable Organizer

Having a clean system is important for efficiency, safety, and general looks. While using a cable organizer might seem simple and unnecessary, it's their simplicity that makes them so great — it's what allows you to create a space minimalistic enough to maintain an ambient and efficient atmosphere.

At Audio Ultra, we understand how important organized cabling is for a sleek system. That's why we offer various sound system performance maintenance services. So if you need an expert to book an appointment with, call us today!

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