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5 Engaging Benefits of Great Audio Quality

Published April 30th, 2021 by Audio-Ultra

When buying electronics, people often focus on getting the best video quality possible. Unfortunately, many people spend all of their cash on a TV and totally neglect the sound. In fact, sound quality can have a huge impact on your experience. 

Here are 5 great reasons why you need a sound system with great audio quality. 

1. Hear the Details

You'd be surprised at how much detail you can hear in your favorite recordings when you switch to a sound system with good audio quality. For example, there are many hidden details in songs by The Beatles. 

In Hey Jude, for instance, you can hear Paul Mccartney swearing in response to messing up a chord transition. Without a high-quality audio setup, you probably wouldn't catch these little details. 

With high-quality audio, you'll also notice a lot of instrumentation that you might have missed. Many bands like to layer many different instruments in their recordings, but these elaborate details are lost on poor quality speakers. 

2. Feel the Bass

In the past, the only way to experience rumbling sub-bass frequencies was through natural means, for example, via a thunderstorm or earthquake. It's only in recent years that audio systems have become capable of creating these ultra-low frequencies

In certain genres of music, thundering sub-basslines are a key part of the sound. Unfortunately, many sound systems are incapable of replicating some of the lower notes. Regrettably, this means that the lowest notes that are supposed to have the biggest impact are barely audible. 

By increasing audio quality, you'll be able to hear (and feel) every bass not with perfect clarity. 

3. Watch Movies the Right Way

The audio in Hollywood movies is generally produced with massive cinema sound systems in mind. If you play these movies using your built-in speakers on your TV, you're not getting anything close to the full experience. 

While video quality is important, it's the huge sound system that really defines the movie-going experience. If you want to have a convincing home cinema setup, you need to have great quality sound

4. Less Noise and Distortion

Low-quality sound systems are prone to noise and distortion, particularly when you push the sound levels up. This might be tolerable with certain kinds of music, but it can seriously ruin the experience for others. 

A bit of distortion might sound fine for rock music, but if you're listening to an orchestra with noise and distortion, it really takes away from the experience. 

With good audio quality, you'll experience minimal distortion. Of course, any signal is going to distort if you push it hard enough, but with high-quality audio, the threshold for distortion is so high that it's unlikely you'll reach it. 

5. It's a Hobby in Itself

Some people like working on cars or motorcycles, and some people like working on their sound system. For the audio hobbyists, the setup is never complete. 

Trying to achieve the perfect sound can be an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby. 

Get More Enjoyment With Good Audio Quality

As you can see, having an audio setup with good audio quality has many benefits. If you're interested in investing in a high-quality sound system, take a look at our products page

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