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Can Power Adjustments Increase Sound Quality?

Published April 23rd, 2021 by Audio-Ultra

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the second leading cause of house fires is electrical failures or malfunctions. It is safe to say that not all power is good power.

When it comes to getting the best sound quality, only the purest and most stable power will do. Whether you are a serious musician or die-hard movie fan, you want the best audio quality possible for your home. Having the best name brand audio equipment doesn't do you any good if you're not getting quality power to it.

Improving sound in your home means tackling any weakness in your electrical systems. Keep reading for more on how it's done.

Evaluate the Power Foundation

Improving audio starts at the source. The power foundation must first be tested and any areas of weakness removed. Faulty wiring or less than the best grounding boxes can not only hurt sound quality, it could be dangerous to run equipment with them.

It is not uncommon to find multiple places in a home's electrical system where improvements can be made. A full evaluation of each and every component delivering electricity to your A/V equipment is needed to find where the sound quality is compromised.

For the best acoustics, your audio equipment should be on its own network. The power line needs a hefty cross-section and protected with circuit breakers, not fuses.

Even if your home's electrical system is up to code, the circuits and wires will most likely need to be replaced to deliver power better to your sound equipment.

In order to almost guarantee perfect power to your electro-acoustic system, plug your equipment into an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Power supply problems are further protected with filters and surge protection built into the UPS.

The high-end UPS is standard for professional audio setups. It will certainly improve audio quality as well as protect your expensive multi-media equipment. UPS manufacturers often offer warranties that cover not only the UPS but hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment if it should fail.

Upgrade Equipment

Another way to improve your sound quality is to upgrade your audio cables. Using generic or damaged power cables will definitely affect the quality of your sound. The best audio cables are not cheap, but money well spent and your ears will thank you. 

Upgrading your sound source is the next logical step towards better sound quality. We partner with only the best manufacturers and name brands in the industry. View our product lines if interested in taking your sound system to the next level.

Better Sound Quality

Pure stable power and high-quality audio equipment go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. When sound quality matters, make sure you give attention to both.

If you want that perfect sound quality, you need a perfect power source and delivery system. Ready to make your home sound its best? Contact Audio-Ultra today and have better audio tomorrow. 


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