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Magico MPods

Published June 22nd, 2021 by Audio-Ultra

So what’s happens upon installing Magico’s MPods AFTER you have reached perfect speaker placement? Well you pull the pins!

After the Magico M3 speaker positioning was finalized, I wanted to get a better feel of the speaker so I sat and listened patiently allowing hours and days to pass while the speakers break in. From what I have heard, the Magico MPods are supposed to be a game changer and a must for the M series, so finally after all the anxiety, I was ready to move forward and pull these pins!

I invited an audiophile friend to come over so I would have two heads hear the result. We started by playing some familiar tracks we were both accustomed to, then it was time. Once we pulled the pins from the first speaker there was a sense of clarity, then again at the second speaker there was again a sense of clarity. Moving back to the listening position my friend heard a much more wider sound stage, and as I jumped back I heard much more focus as well as the outer harmonics that now were creating a wall-to-wall sound stage as my friend had indicated; these 300lb animals now truly disappeared within the room!

The Magico MPods are designed using constrained layer damping, much like how skyscrapers are constructed. Installation was over carpet on concrete. I will revisit the use of footers, including the Magico QPods under select components - stay tuned.

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