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Piece by Piece: How to Build a Home System

Published June 21st, 2021 by Audio-Ultra

Did you know that the Phonautograph is the earliest known recording? It used black soot to etch images of sound. But with sound systems making huge advances since their inception, how do you go about creating a great one?

The choice can seem overwhelming. Read on as we discuss how to build a home sound system. 

Set a Sound System Budget

You need to set a budget for your hi-fi setup before you begin. If not, costs can quickly spiral out of control, and with hi-fi equipment, cost does not always equate to the best quality. Therefore you could end up spending extra for little gain. 

Aside from the main items, don't forget to budget for peripherals. Cables will be your biggest expenditure, as high-quality ones can cost more than you may think. 

Know Your Source

The source is the device your music comes from. It is important, as it helps you cut down on unwanted expenditure. You don't want to spend hundreds on a state-of-the-art turntable if you don't use vinyl and listen to music using Spotify. 

The quality of the source device you choose will impact the rest of the system. Therefore, it is important to put a good part of your overall budget into this. If you have multiple ways in which you listen to music, you may opt for a combined home entertainment system. 


The next decision you have to make is the speakers. You have hundreds of configurations and types to choose from, and price and specifications do not always equate to better sound. In fact, two identical systems can sound totally different depending on the room they are in, making matters even more confusing. 

First, decide how big the space is you want speakers to be placed in. Speak with a store representative about the size of the room and how powerful the speakers should be. 

After this, decide where they will go. If you do not have shelving to put them on, you may need speakers on stands. Stands can be quite pricey and may impact your budget. 

Finally, what are your listening preferences? Do you want a crisp orchestral definition or bone-crunching bass for your dance hits? All of these choices will impact the type of speaker to buy. 


The amplifier should come last, as you need to know what you will be connecting to it. This goes for the source coming in and the speakers going out. The amplifier needs to have enough control and power to make the spend on your speakers worthwhile. 

Amplifiers can last a long time, so choose a good one. In addition, price does not always equate to quality. See what you have left from your budget, and speak to a representative about getting the best bang for buck amplifier. 

Speak to an Expert

New sound system features and developments are popping up every day. Speak with an expert who is on the pulse to get the best deal. They may be able to offer advice on your personal setup and recommend items you had not thought about. 

Your first stop should be Audio Ultra. We have everything you need to build the perfect sound system. Contact us to discuss your needs and get some excellent product advice from our experienced staff. 

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