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Why Addressing the Power Foundation is Important!

Published December 4th, 2020 by Audio-Ultra

Whether you’ve already splurged for your big new system, want to improve performance of your current system, or are about to dip your toes into high fidelity audio for the first time, there is a common denominator other than music that connects it all and that is “POWER”.

Noise transients are a constant on the AC line, and to top it off your own equipment is adding even more transients when converting from AC to DC. There are several solutions to address these issues both “behind the wall” and “in front of the wall”.

Modern marketing has drilled it into our heads that power cables and conditioners (“in front of the wall”) will enhance performance. We agree these products can be beneficial however, they really have a second tier impact on performance. In fact, some even apply excessive filtering that can restrict the dynamics of sound quality.

Before anything, we look at the primary source, where all things begin, and that’s at the power mains and supporting grounds coming into your home (“behind the wall”). The benefits of solid POWER FOUNDATION are twofold; performance and safety.

And the grand daddy option is when you mix in BATTERY POWER as a dual purpose solution for use “behind the wall and in front of the wall”. It is effectively free from transients and can be incorporated into use for both owned and leased homes. The ability of BATTERY POWER is staggering when powering front end gear with amplifiers receiving the current direct from the wall.

In the end, once you commit to strengthening the POWER FOUNDATION it will enhance your current system and serve as a permanent solution to support any future World Class Audio System!

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