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audio components for high-quality sound turntables
Source Components

Every component in your playback chain matters. The foundation for great sound reproduction lies within your source components. For analog (vinyl) playback, these source components include the analog turntable, cartridge, and phono preamplifier; for digital, they can include a one-piece CD/SACD player or stand-alone disc transport connected to a DAC (digital-to-analog converter, aka D/A converter), a stand-alone clock or reclocker to help your DAC read digital data accurately and more accurately convert it to analog, a music server / streamer to play your own files and those from streaming services, and a line preamplifier. Quality depends on choice of parts, layout, engineering acumen, and the care devoted to manufacturing and product inspection.

We’ve curated world-class audio products with the durability and design you demand to deliver the ultimate high end audio system for your home.  We give you options. High performance gear married with our proprietary, enhanced electrical system takes your system to a new level so you get exactly what you want.

Set of two silver amplifiers

Once components produce an analog signal, it must be amplified to sufficient levels to enable loudspeakers to sing with authority, strength, eloquence and grace at all dynamic levels. Every loudspeaker requires different amounts of power for optimal performance. Careful component matching is one of our specialties.

We offer both stereo amplifiers and mono block amplifiers. Mono blocks have two separate matched amplifier modules, one for each channel. Among their benefits are a wider and more convincing soundstage.

“Integrated” signifies that an amplifier, DAC, server or other device includes its own volume control. Some integrateds also serve as preamplifiers, allowing you to adjust volume for multiple sources. Unless you have an integrated component in your chain, you’ll need a preamplifier to adjust volume and send signal to your amplifier(s). Vinyl lovers may need a separate phono preamplifier to send signal to the line preamplifier.

Layer 51

Loudspeakers are where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. No matter how good the recording and how excellent your source and amplification, you cannot hear everything artists and sound engineers hope you’ll hear without extremely detailed and responsive loudspeakers. We only sell the finest quality loudspeakers in multiple price ranges and pick the best model for your room’s size and acoustics.

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Performance Essentials

The surfaces beneath components, the special supports between them and the surface, and the cables that connect one component to the other are equally essential to quality sound. Because every sound wave that emerges from your loudspeakers interacts with surfaces and furnishings in your listening environment, attention to room acoustics is paramount. Finally, to achieve the goal of world-class sound reproduction, music lovers must pay careful attention to source power and power distribution. We address it all.

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