Constellation Inspiration 1


Constellation’s logo, “Audio that inspires,” reflects the company’s core values. Its founders, who identify as manufacturers, dealers, and customers, asked themselves which products had thrilled them and made them proud to be audiophiles, and which were based on a solid technical foundation. Then they assembled a design “dream team,” composed in large part of audio pioneers who were respected for “achieving lifelike, musical sound from their products,” to take audio reproduction to another level of excellence.

The uncluttered nature of Constellation’s external design reflects an aesthetic that emphasizes sonic transparency and signal path simplicity. Unneeded complexity has been jettisoned in favor of sonic purity. All components are built by hand, and all arrive thoroughly tested and burned in.

We carry Constellation amplifiers and preamplifiers.

Msb M500


California-based MSB Technology has expanded from its original focus on DACs (digital-to-audio converters) and disc transports, which they’ve designed for over a quarter century, to produce a highly regarded line of exceptional sounding low impedance amplifiers. Given MSB’s commitment to excellence and “tight integration between electrical, mechanical, and consumer needs,” it’s no wonder that the company is known for innovation and the lifelike reproduction of recorded sound.

MSB has its own machine and circuit board shops as well as production facilities. All products are meticulously assembled, measured, and tested before reaching the consumer. The MSB S500 top-of-the-line stereo amplifier we display is designed to power the finest DACs available, including those from MSB.



With designs that reflect Swiss elegance and simplicity, soulution strives to achieve the sound of “natural music” by omitting nothing and adding nothing. The company believes that the primary purpose of technology is to serve music in all its glory. With a website as uncluttered as its philosophy, soulution prefers to let its sound and impressive collection of stellar reviews do the talking.

Audio-Ultra proudly displays soulution’s 511 stereo amplifiers in mono-mode configuration. We also carry soulution’s Series 7 line stage and phono preamplifiers.

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