Dohmann H2 Silver Lifestyle2


Since 1982, Mark Döhmann’s Döhmann Audio has committed itself to unlocking the full potential of musical information embedded in the grooves of a vinyl record. Based in Australia, the company’s goal is to design and manufacture heirloom quality industrial works of art that deliver absolute emotional engagement with artists’ work. The company’s Helix Two Mk2 features a single tonearm and a fully integrated MinusK vibration isolation system whose ability to deal with vibration and resonance is unsurpassed. Designed to operate flawlessly in non-ideal environments without the need of an external audio stand, it’s ideal for music lovers with limited set-up space.

Kuzma Lifestyle


Winner of the Hi-Fi+ 2021 Innovation Award, 39-year old Kuzma’s outreach from its home in Slovenia has touched audiophiles worldwide. Its fabled STABI R turntable features an aluminum & acrylic platter, inverted ruby ball bearing, special belt, aluminum chassis with leveling adjustment, and built-in power supply. Supplied with one tonearm, it can support up to four tonearms, making it ideal for audiophiles with wide-ranging 33 and 45 rpm record collections.


Ortofon V2


For over 100 years, Denmark’s Ortofon has focused on quality sound. After pioneering the now ubiquitous use of moving coil technology in phono cartridges in 1948, Ortofon secured its reputation as the manufacturer of some of the most reliable and musical phono cartridges available.

The MC Cadenza Black, the virtuosic peak of the company’s moving coil Cadenza line, uses a Nude Shibata stylus with an extremely stiff and lightweight boron cantilever. The cartridge is optimized for maximum tonal neutrality, dynamics and purity of sound. We also carry the high-performance moving coil Windfeld Ti, whose “relatively sweet, lush midrange” and “harmonically generous” presentation garnered praise from Analog Planet’s Michael Fremer.



We carry preamplifiers from Constellation and soulution. For information on these brands, see their descriptions under “Components/Amplification.”

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