Magicom6 Duo 4


For almost two decades, US-based Magico has staged a no-holds-barred assault on what is possible to achieve in contemporary loudspeaker design. The Magico line, which launched in 2004 with the Mini twos-driver stand-mount, has blossomed into a four-series, multi-model line headed by the 1000 lb., 80″ tall, six-driver M9—the world’s first loudspeaker with an enclosure fashioned from carbon fiber inner and outer skins over an aluminum honeycomb core. At the other end of the size and cost spectrum stands the far more modest 110 lb., 44″ high, three-driver A3, which boasts Magico’s machined 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum cabinet.

To quote veteran audio authority Michael Fremer, Magico loudspeakers have the potential to

“… get out of the way and let the recording’s own personality assert itself. …In a loudspeaker, that’s what you want.”

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