Audio-Ultra offers a cumulative approach in building system performance...

While there are many variables in audio, the one constant is knowing the homes power system is optimized for safety and performance, this is The Power Foundation. 

Time and time again, it is not uncommon to find points of failure in the homes electrical infrastructure that will affect sound quality, and in extreme cases, the safety of the home itself. Our process initiates a multi-step approach that begins with an Evaluation designed to bring awareness of any short comings while laying out a plan to improve current delivery. 

To bring further value, we expand the foundation into the Ultra Series Performance Package that combines services with products that are tailored to a budget and equates to value, we simply want you to hear more for less!

  • Evaluation: We will review your current Power Foundation and assess any areas of weakness and a plan to achieve more in sound quality for less than you may think.
  • Service and Installation: Often electrical maintenance is needed in almost all cases prior to supporting circuit and wire upgrades in existing homes or in support of new room builds. 
  • Power Products and Cables: We offer various complimenting products ranging from power cables to passive grounding boxes, including the German engineered and constructed StromTank, a high power battery pack with an integrated pure sign-wave converter that provides on and off grid benefits.
  • Acoustics and Isolation:  Another key element in building a foundation are Room Acoustics and Isolation. These attributes are offered as an important part of the finishing touches of the Foundation to further enhance the tonal quality of system performance. 
  • High End Sources: Listening to music requires a source and we offer World Class Product's that deliver the best in sound quality in either Digital or Analog playback. 

Please note some products may not be available in your region that are not included in the Ultra Series Performance Package.

We so much look forward to hearing from you, so drop us a note or come see us at the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle July 30th - August 1st 2021.

Realize The Impact, Audio-ultra!

"It all starts and ends with power, after all it’s what you hear."

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