Ultra Series 3000

AU Ultra Series 3000 - Layer 6


Virtually all high-quality audio components include large transformers, sensitive capacitors, and filters. When AC power, which travels in two directions on your line—it enters components through the hot wire and exits through the neutral wire—enters your gear, it is converted to DC through a rectification process.

Not all the electricity entering your component is utilized; some unused power may filter back onto the line as noise, aka DC transients. In addition, unused AC power that travels back from your gear to your electrical panel is subject to intrusion by EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference). This interference reduces frequency harmonics, inhibits the current flow, and produces power fluctuations that prevent audio gear from operating at its full capacity. So-called “dirty power” invariably impacts system performance.

Other than resorting to battery power, there is no way to stop the system-degrading noise process described above unless you enlarge your electrical conductors and strengthen your ground. That is the purpose of the AU Ultra Series 3000: it is an audiophile-grade subpanel that sits on your rack, reduces the distance AC power travels between your breaker panel and equipment power receptacles, enlarges the conduit, improves grounding, and lowers the overall impedance of your current to enable the increased electrical flow.

The easiest way to describe the before / effects of an Ultra Series 3000 is to imagine trying to sip an ice cream shake through an ultra-thin coffee straw. The process is inefficient. You must work very hard and expend a lot of energy to enjoy more than a dribble at any one time. Now imagine the alternative: a recyclable straw with a far wider diameter that, with little energy expenditure on your part, efficiently delivers all the shake and satisfaction that your heart desires.

Ultra Series 3000 upgrades your home audio system


The UL-Certified Ultra Series 3000 combines the benefits of a dedicated subpanel residing on your equipment rack, right beside your gear, with heavy-gauge wiring, 6 industrial breakers, consistent metallurgy, star grounding and 6 hospital-grade receptacles. The unit’s substantial steel chassis increases mechanical isolation and further reduces noise.

The Ultra Series 3000 is designed and constructed in the USA. Because it is sold as a complete solution, the price includes time working with the client’s electrician to ensure proper installation of power receptacles and optimal performance by the main power panel.

Installing Ultra-Audio’s Ultra Series 3000 will have such a profound impact on system performance that you may find yourself rethinking and even discarding previous power solutions. That’s how profound an impact it will make. The Ultra Series 3000 will allow your system to sing as never before.


Audio Ultra Series 3000 | Portable Power Panel | Made in the U.S.A.

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